Every year millions upon millions of animals are killed in the most dreadful ways possible. All in the name of fashion. 

While NGOs around the world have been trying for years to close down the fur trade, we feel the best way is to mobilize the youth.

And so we decided to create an Instagram-based online challenge that people would be happy to engage with.


How it works
1. All people have to do is take a wax strip (or regular hair wax or duct tape or whatever they can get their hands on) and strip out the fur from anywhere on their own body.

2. Post the video and #stripthefur as they post it to their own Instagram and Facebook, tagging three friends to challenge them.

3. People can also click a button to digitally sign a pledge on www.stripthefur.com to help ban the fur trade.


                                                             Packaging                                                                                                                  Pre-packaged wax strip in every envelope

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Case Study

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