Fire in the Bowl

This jingle is for hottest variantion of Tabasco yet, the imaginary Tabasco Blue. Why Blue? Because that's the hottest part of the flame. 

The idea was to write and record a 12-bar blues track that launches the product. To be able to give people a 'taste' of its extreme heat in an entertaining way was the objective of the spot.




Circus Freak

Outdoor Hands is for all the go-getters and the do-ers out there. For the people who aren't afraid of putting their shoulder to the wheel, and getting their hands dirty. But the downside to doing this, often times, is that they end up with rough, coarse, callused hands. But not anymore, not with the clinically formulated (lab tested and clinically proven) blend of pharmaceutical & plant extracts that soothe and repair the skin. This spot looks to humorously dramatise the effects of hard labor and get the attention of those in need of the product.